Restore - protect - maintain

  The Tile Master Rental is a grout cleaning machine to deep clean your floors

What is "The Tile Master"

The Tile Master is the world's first complete DIY floor cleaning and maintenance rental system.  When you hire "The Tile Master" you receive a complete package to clean \ polish and restore your floors with professional results.

As you will see throughout this site TileMaster are very passionate about solving problematic stone or tiles. 

Meeting your every requirement

Are mission is to help our clients clean and maintain their surfaces without the high costs which can sometimes be associated with beautiful floors. 

Our cleaning machines are easy-to-use, cost-effective and available to rent or buy. And the best thing is, they really work! 

Limestone floors are beautiful when installed but if not correctly maintained can very soon become unsightly and lose the wow factor - Not any more with the help of TileMaster and the power range of cleaner and sealer. Rent yours today and fall back in love with your floor

ere is just some of the fantastic results achieved by a user of the TileMaster with TileMaster Cleaner No.4

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