The UKs Only DIY 
Floor Cleaning System

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What is "The Tile Master"

The Tile Master is the world first complete DIY floor cleaning and maintenance rental system.  When you hire "The Tile Master" you received a complete package to clean and restore your floors with professional results.

We provide you with a deep cleaning, powerful, but simply to use floor machine.  You receive the correct floor scrubbing or buffing pad you require to clean your floor.  This is then combined with the highest quality floor cleaning product, and our step by step guide, designed by our floor cleaning experts.  All this together give you the best results possible. 

Our cleaning machines are easy-to-use, cost-effective and available to rent or buy. And the best thing is, they really work! Our prices start at £32.99 for 24 hours rental including our deep cleaning red pad, plus £4.99 for a 1 ltr bottle of our deep cleaning detergent - a whole lot cheaper than bring in the professionals. 


Grout can be difficult to remove from tiles


The TileMaster makes easy work of cutting through it


Within minutes you floor is left perfectly clean